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For more than two decades, Medina's "Spirits of the Past" has been cooperatively staged by the Medina County Show Biz Company, The Medina County Arts Council, and the Medina County Historical Society. If you’re not familiar with Medina’s Spirits of the Past Historical Walk, it’s six stories of famous (and sometimes infamous!) people and events that have shaped Medina’s past told by re-enactors in costume.  We have 54 different stories that are told in rotation so even folks that have been to The Walk in the past often hear new stories. These stories include such famous characters as Eliza Northrop, Ella Canavan, H.G. Blake, Doctor Samuel Hudson, Franklin Sylvester (founder of Medina’s library), philanthropist Letha House, and many more. Each of the stories have been researched and written by members of the Medina Historical Society.

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The Walk is held in early September on Medina’s Public Square. Tickets can be purchased at the Medina County Administration Building, 144 N. Broadway, just north of the Square each night of The Walk.  This is also where The Walk beings.  Advance tickets can be purchased at the Medina County Convention and Visitors Bureau office (32 Public Square) and the Medina County Historical Society's John Smart House (206 N. Elmwood Ave.). Tickets for the Miss Molly's Tea Room can be purchased by calling Miss Molly's Tea Room and Gift Shop at 330-725-6830.


Some of the stories that have been shared in past years include “The Great Hinckley Hunt” of 1818; “WWII Nurses of Medina” and their exploits during the war; and “Boys Will Be Boys” – the mischief and mayhem of the Bradway brothers back in 1880!

 We also have a special event called Dining with the Spirits of the Past. This is an indoor performance and English tea at Miss Molly’s Tea Room held on Sunday.

Medina’s Spirits of the Past Historical Walk is a fun family activity which helps to educate participants about the history of their hometown. We hope you join us next September!

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